My name is Lissa, and I am a freelancer with a love for creative outlets and travel. FM-Designs has become one of those creative outlets and has been so rewarding because I have been able to support other creators and small businesses as they grow and become successful.

The Vision

As a Home-Based entrepreneur, I have done many home-based businesses over the years. I have found that one of the biggest issues I encountered was having to juggle SO many things unrelated to what I loved working on. Home business owners wear so many hats that we tend to get buried in business-related activities instead of doing the things that we LOVE doing that made us start up in the first place! I happen to love being creative…in all things… and with a background in photography (yes, I dabbled in freelance photography as well) I discovered editing images and designing web pages was a rewarding outlet for my creativity.

FM-Designs is a woman-owned managed service provider that caters to home-based businesses, artisans, small companies, and start-ups. We excel in helping them find their brand, operating an online business, and supporting them in all things tech-related as a managed service provider. We are not just any “managed service” limited to just hosting a website or doing maintenance (which is mainly what is the market for these things). We do it ALL. Not only do we provide premium hosting and monthly maintenance, but we also take care of all the functions to operate your website, from editing and optimizing your images so they are all uniform and fast loading to setting up your DNS records and maintaining backups for you. As you want to add or delete products from the online store, we will upload and edit your product descriptions, categorize your items so they are easy for your customers to find, and help you find what to highlight about your products. If you are looking for a certain feature, such as Customer reviews or gift cards, etc, we will find and implement the most cost-effective solution possible. If you are having trouble with your printer, labels, or even your computer at home, we can handle and fix that too!

With covid, the world is moving even more online than before. It’s more important than ever to be able to present your business information online. With us, you are paying for our time and expertise. You have access to US, and personalized attention, not just a mass-market box service where you are on your own, having to learn to navigate their platform, figure out how to add and configure apps for features you want, or worse, discover you CAN’T do what you want because an app hasn’t been developed for that yet. We are here to support you and your business so you can focus on the other parts of your business that may be more important or that you enjoy!

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