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Email Mgmt & Campaign Mailers

Do you need to send out news updates or offers to your customers or viewer base, but don't want to hassle with maintaining a customer database or putting those emails together? Let us handle that for you!

We'll manage your customer database and emails

We can design and customize mailers tailored to your company. Branded with your companies logo and feel. We will send out your news updates and offers for you as well as maintain and update your customer database.
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Why Market using Email Campaigns?

Email marketing is a way to reach out to your current and potential customers. Important messages, tips, updates and promotions can be delivered to your target audience. Email is the most widely used form of communication and is a perfect platform for building customer relationships.

How can we help ?

    • Customize your email templates to fit your website and business branding.
    • Track your campaign to let you know :

         How many emails made it to the recipients

         How many people opened and viewed your email

         Did the recipient Click Through any of the calls to action.

    • Keep your CRM updated with new customers and removing invalid ones.